Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse... is a place where people living with the lifelong effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) are respected and valued as contributing community members.

Our rehabilitation focuses on the abilities, strengths and volunteer efforts of members who work side by side with staff to manage all operations of the Clubhouse.

In this supportive environment, members once again learn to contribute in meaningful ways that carry over to work, home and community.

Finally, a life-changing injury is transformed into a new normal for members and their families as they move from being a medical patient to living a full and satisfying life.

Renovation of our Building
As we renovate the building…it's going to require patience and flexibility for the unexpected. We plan to remain open but some construction issues could cause a last minute need to be closed for a day(hopefully not more) so we thank you in advance for your understanding! We will use Facebook, email and/or phone call to notify members of closings so please make sure we have the most updated and best information/numbers to reach you at on short notice.


Essential Services at Risk for Many Side by Side Members
Many Side by Side members along with millions of Americans who are disabled or elderly stand to lose daily care if the current healthcare bill passes. Cuts of over $800million to Medicaid target "optional" services, aka Home and Community Based Care. Click on the title link to hear Samantha's courageous description of what Medicaid means to her family. Thank you Debbie, for your willingness to share some painful memories from your TBI journey.