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Side by Side Closed on Monday!

September 08, 2017  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Side by Side Closed on Monday!

Side by Side will be closed on Monday, September 11 due to the high winds and rain predicted across our area from Hurricane Irma. Stay indoors and know your safe place in case of tornado warnings!

Amazing Silent Auction and Raffle Items Could Be Yours – Saturday March 25

March 21, 2017  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Amazing Silent Auction and Raffle Items Could Be Yours – Saturday March 25

Check out this sample of silent auction and raffle items. Big Green Egg Culinary Package valued at $1100, Level3Jewelry will be there selling 1000 items for $35 and under. ALL proceeds are donated to our scholarship fund!

International Brain Injury Clubhouse Alliance 2016 Conference

November 09, 2016  |   News   |     |   Comments Off on International Brain Injury Clubhouse Alliance 2016 Conference

The date was September 28, the weather was cool and I was heading down south to the shores of Jacksonville Beach, Florida for the 13th annual IBICA Conference. There was a meet and greet beforehand to familiarize all of the other clubhouses with one another. Side by Side was represented by myself, Judy, my mother, and Cindi. The best part of the trip was the free taxi we took from our hotel to the restaurant. We used a service where all we had to do was pay in tips for the trip. The next morning we headed to the conference room where we met for the next 8 hours. Myself, my mother, and Judy did a presentation representing Side by Side, where I handed out trail mix to the clubhouses and explained it was part of our program to promote healthy eating at the clubhouse. We walked on the beach to and from dinner- if I only had my fit-bit then! We woke up Friday morning and headed in to hear Brooks Clubhouse give their presentation. We then headed to Brooks for a meal and a tour at their clubhouse. Brooks Clubhouse had a large kitchen which was larger than Side by Side’s and they had prepared a meal for us. They had Chicken Taco’s which were quite tasty and then one of the members gave us a tour of the clubhouse. All in all the trip was informative, I met a lot of nice people and learned a lot of practices that can be used later in my life. By JR

Excitement of Going to Camp BIAG- by Debbie

September 07, 2016  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Excitement of Going to Camp BIAG- by Debbie

Camp BIAG is exciting as well as a satisfying experience. Maybe even an event or vacation for some of us. The moment we begin our activities life’s pressures seem to vanish. We are a one when we get involved with the recreations that are provided from bingo to fishing. Camp is an event we all look forward to. Members, caregivers and volunteers are always capable in making this break in our routine memorable.

Sports Theme Party- by Rachel

May 12, 2016  |   General,News,Success Stories   |     |   Comments Off on Sports Theme Party- by Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel, I was able to help organize and plan a sports theme party to work with the Men’s Group at the clubhouse. All people were invited to attend and enjoy in the fun. The food, the games, the stories, and the showing of memorabilia were inspiring. I also talked about my growing up in sports, including dance. I have been able to use the discipline, training, integrity, and determination I learned in sports to help after the TBI I survived. Sports and watching sports have motivated me through a lot of difficult times. My mom was my first coach who taught me how to always do my best but also to lose and win with dignity, and humility, and be gracious to everyone. Learn how to celebrate your accomplishments, and be thankful for the opportunity. Glad to see and participate in the new things, and advancement of special events at the Clubhouse. Stay posted for more upcoming fun filled things to come.


Mother’s Day Weekend- by JR

May 06, 2016  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Mother’s Day Weekend- by JR

This upcoming weekend is the best weekend of the month for my Mom. It’s Mother’s Day. This weekend my gift to my mother will be to be clean shaven as well as participating downtown with a group from my church to honor the homeless mothers of Atlanta. I partook in this event two years ago and enjoyed it. Last year I was unable to take part because I was the scripture reader at my church that particular weekend. I enjoy going to help the ladies downtown and putting smiles on their faces, but the biggest smile I enjoy is the one that I put on my Mom’s face. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

Benefits of Journaling by Debbie

April 14, 2016  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Benefits of Journaling by Debbie

There are many benefits on journaling daily.

For one, you know what day it is when you first get up to write in it. Write down the basics like brushing teeth and washing your face. After you have taken your medicine, journal that also to prevent confusion. Say I’ve just had an argument with my mother and am upset about it. I’ll write down why we argued so later when I’m still upset I can go back to read my journal where I have explained the argument we had. If I don’t write it down I’ll have a miserable feeling possibly and don’t know why.

You only need a blank notebook and put the day and the date on the top of the page for accuracy.  You could also go to Walmart, Office Depot, or wherever they have daily reminders or daily planners for sale.

By Debbie W

Groundswell of Member Contribution to JvS 2016

March 09, 2016  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Groundswell of Member Contribution to JvS 2016

Member involvement and creativity abound at this year’s Jawbones vs Sawbones, highlighting the true spirit of Clubhouse. Members and staff will open the game singing “God Bless America.” Our dynamic choral director, Clémence, is rehearsing with members daily.  Then the spotlight will shine on Chris as he announces the tip off.  Chris is a folk artist, poet and cook in our kitchen unit for over 8 years.  His paintings will be for sale in the lobby. And James, a prolific and passionate writer and dedicated baker in the kitchen unit, has co-written a medley with songwriter Hunter Ramseur, who will perform at halftime.

Jawbones v Sawbones Game History- By JR

February 24, 2016  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Jawbones v Sawbones Game History- By JR

My first year of being at the Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse entailed my first Jawbones vs Sawbones experience. It was held at St. Pius high school. The Doctors and Lawyers put on a fantastic display of basketball, but the Doctors prevailed. I was featured along with Marc and others in a display about the clubhouse that was filmed at the clubhouse. The following year the game was moved to Decatur High School where my friend Frank would say “the brawl for it all”. This game was won by the Lawyers as one of my doctors was actually playing in the game, who ended up 0 for 4 from the field, so not much of a help in the game. 2014 was a year once again for the Lawyers as they stretched their streak to 2 with the win. 2015 was the highest scoring game in the history of Jawbones/Sawbones; the Doctors prevailed tying the series up at 2 apiece. Now it’s 2016 and the history is tied …who will win this year? Come to Decatur High at 5:00 for a “Bounty of the Bones” pirate show followed by the game at 7 p.m. sharp; March 12!  Mark your calendars!


Brawl For It All, Take 5! By Frank

February 18, 2016  |   General,News   |     |   Comments Off on Brawl For It All, Take 5! By Frank

Today for my blog I am choosing to discuss my experience with Side by Side Clubhouse’s basketball battle known as Jawbones vs. Sawbones, which I know as the brawl for it all. The game is generally an exciting battle between teams representing doctors and attorneys.  I enjoyed the chance to enjoy a Saturday evening out on the town.  While at the game I truly enjoyed the concessions, including the Cokes and hotdogs, and the crowd’s excitement.

See you at the Game!



  • My name is Matt. I currently work two days a week at Side by Side as a member in the business unit. Prior to my brain injury, I played tennis. I currently hold the record for wins in Tennis at Belmont University, where I played #2 singles my first 2 years and #1 doubles all four years.  I played #1 singles my last 2 years. Now, I still play tennis with my son on occasion.  I never let him win.

    Matt’s Tennis Experience
  • Hello my name is Jared, and I am a member over at Side by Side. I work in the Business Unit. I am a Basketball Athlete, and have been out of school for almost 2 years but not quite. I feel like the Clubhouse Family has really helped me out a lot.

    The 2 years I have been in rehab has been a learning experience ha-ha, but fun in the same way. It has really taught me that this is not something that happens overnight. Side by Side is an excellent place for people who have had Setbacks.

    Jared’s First Blog
  • I have found that Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse has made me aware that I am not the only person who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. I REALLY appreciate the opportunity to participate in something more constructive than sulking by myself being depressed about my present predicament. This serves no productive purpose. It only adds to my frustration and makes me upset for no apparent reason. Firstly, I have realized that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I am able to speak with other people who also are recovering from TBI (traumatic Brain Injury) this helps me by letting me know that there is more to life than being miserable or angry at whomever for no obvious reason in particular, I understand that if I approach life with a positive attitude that I will succeed in anything on which I focus my attention for that, I am extremely appreciative. I am starting to feel human for the first time in over four years!

    Forever thankful,


    “What I Get from Side by Side” by Bil
  • “My name is Felicia, I am relatively new to the clubhouse, and recently went to my first ladies’ luncheon. My injury was sustained three years ago during a surgery to remove a brain tumor. What was supposed to be a routine 3-5 hour procedure resulted in a massive right hemisphere stroke, five additional surgeries, left-sided paralysis, a medically induced three week coma, seizures, and the bleak prognosis of “at best, she’ll be a vegetable!” An emergency transfer to the top rehabilitation hospital in the nation specializing in spinal cord & brain injury rehabilitation all of which I had to be told about, when I woke up. I thought I was in the recovery room from the initial brain surgery, when in reality the aforementioned had occurred, I could not breathe, eat or walk on my own and had to relearn how to do each  so “ I woke up like this”  has a much deeper meaning to me than Beyoncé’s superficial  vain and  “flawless” message. In my former life, as I refer to my life pre-stroke I worked with several private practice  OB/GYN offices as a phlebotomist that was requested by everyone.  One of the bonuses of working for a private practice in the healthcare field is the many delicious lunches and on occasions dinner outings provided by the pharmaceutical reps it was during these times that staff became more than just coworkers and could enjoy each other’s’ friendship relating through OMG!-stories about the husband, children,  and past life experiences, These friendships   showed up strong during my injury and were one of the best supports  throughout recovery. The ladies’ luncheon reminded me of those fun times and the beginning building blocks of great friendships I look forward to attending many more!”

    My First Ladies’ Luncheon by Felicia
  • I feel very good about being a member of this Clubhouse. It gives me something to look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday. One beautiful thing about the Clubhouse is the dedication and compassion of staff who understand the challenges members go through every day of their lives.

    Today has been a particularly good day for me because after feeling down earlier, I had the chance to speak with Neil about my situation. He was not only supportive of my situation, but also very encouraging.

    I have also learned a lot by interacting with fellow survivors of brain injury by discussing some of our daily challenges with them. It is helpful to know that I am not alone in my journey to get better.


    George, not alone in recovery
  • My name is Myron and I’m currently a new member here at Side by Side Clubhouse. I have only been here for two weeks but the experience has been monumental in my life. Side by Side is deeply involved in the community and have numerous events and tasks that allow for their members to take part in. Upon the first few days, I learned about the Lawyers/Doctors basketball game, the Game Night, the tasks of the different departments that are presently here, and the value of working together. Each day is an opportunity for me to learn something new and the members here are outstanding. My views on the effects of TBI injuries have changed since the days I was in the hospital recovering. My thoughts in the past were that my injury would prevent me from doing a lot of things in life that I enjoyed before injury. This program is great, because it’s showing me that being productive and remaining positive is definitely possible. Also, separating me from others or choosing to do things on my own is not the best method to take. I’m now more receptive of doing things in teams and working with others.


    Meet Myron
  • For my Blog today I am choosing to discuss my love of the Side by Side Clubhouse which I’ve been a member of for the last 10 years.  Oh and today was noteworthy in the fact that my driver Carson returned from his vacation in New Smyrna Beach, Fla’.  He told me that he’d had a great vacation but there was a lot of sea weed.  OK I’ll get back to my love of my House o’ Clubage.  It’s the folks here that I truly enjoy being around, such as Rob and Emma for example and their outgoing niceness.


    Clubhouse Love–(thanks, Frank, we love you too!)
  • Hello everybody out there, my name is Javon and I attend the Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse. I got my brain injury a little over 2 years ago and coming to Side by Side has helped me. Since I have started coming here it helps me to be surrounded by other people with traumatic brain injuries and not being judged by what I can and can’t do.


    Meet Javon
  • I learn something new every day.  I absolutely love coming to the clubhouse.  Looking forward to coming here is wonderful for me.  I prepare the night before for the next day.  For me, I wake up early, prepare myself, and I’m all the way ready when my transportation comes.  Once I get here I get to socialize, calm down from dealing with all the automobile traffic, and be on time for my meeting in the Business Unit.  While I’m here, I get to learn new things.  My transferrable business skills are utilized. I get to help others in the Business Unit.  It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly to others.  I am being tested on my patience. I need for people to be tolerant with me, and I need to be tolerant with others. The clubhouse helps to teach me the patience that I absolutely need.


    Learning Preparation & Patience at the Clubhouse
  • Today for my Blog I will take a cue from my close friend Mrs. Virginia and go into some of the things I love about my house o’ clubbage these things would be… 1st: staff members who are a nice bunch of people who always remember that it’s a Side by Side Clubhouse and they don’t have to come down on us whenever we slack off for just a second they realize that from time to time we might need to take a breather for just a second.

    2nd: Fellow members.  Just a bunch of great friends & people like myself (cognitively impaired people like myself who aren’t quite ready to return to the work force yet quite often we need to work together to get what we want to complete completed.

    3rd: My main man & driver Mr. Carson. Carson has been my best friend since my injury. I hope that he feels as stongly ‘bout this kid. he must think a great deal of me in that he allows me to listen to whatever I want to on the radio on our long journeys down from North Ga.



    Some things I love about the Clubhouse