Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse... is a place where people living with the lifelong effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) are respected and valued as contributing community members.

Our rehabilitation focuses on the abilities, strengths and volunteer efforts of members who work side by side with staff to manage all operations of the Clubhouse.

In this supportive environment, members once again learn to contribute in meaningful ways that carry over to work, home and community.

Finally, a life-changing injury is transformed into a new normal for members and their families as they move from being a medical patient to living a full and satisfying life.

Construction Updates
We are even more cramped for space as we expand the upstairs restrooms. Most construction happens at night and on weekends though!


FEB. 11: Solving the Mystery of Mild TBI: Identify and Treat or Wait it Out?
Calling worker's comp and personal injury attorneys, rehab professionals, claims adjusters, and everyone impacted by Mild TBI! National experts will explain new evidence, latest diagnostic tools, successful treatments, and ethical challenges involved in complex concussions, aka mTBI.